Japanese Classic Golden Holo 7 Energy Set (Singles)

Japanese Classic Golden Holo 7 Energy Set (Singles)

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This listing is for a bundle of the Golden Holo Energiy set (7 different energy cards) from the 'Classic Collection' Box set!

You will receive:

  • 1x Grass Energy
  • 1x Water Energy
  • 1x Fire Energy
  • 1x Lightning Energy
  • 1x Psychic Energy
  • 1x Fighting Energy
  • 1x Double Colorless Energy

These cards are purchased as 'Singles' and are not part of a live break! All listed promo singles are considered Near-Mint and were taken directly from a collection box and put into a soft sleeve!

Shipping is not included in this purchase, I will hold on to all of your cards until you select 'Ship My Stuff' and pay a flat $5 fee for shipping!

Please ask me any questions you may have before completing a purchase!